Monday, July 30, 2012


My baby and I sit down for lunch. We are at a busy outside mall, sitting at a bench. I pull out my ridiculously unhealthy chicken sammich and fries, throw back a couple prenatals, wash em down with lemonade, and prepare her lunch. I reach inside and pull the tab on her lunch container. It's open and she knows it is. Excitement!! There's a prize! I gather her close to me and she gets the prize. Na Na! As my little princess finds the nipple and latches on, I find my sandwich and take a bite. We both enjoy our lunches.

There's a couple next to me on the right who eat their lunch and never notice anything out of the ordinary.

There's a woman on the left with her crying baby who can't manage to feed a bottle of (milk..formula..?) while she eats her own food. I see frustration.

The folks behind me notice, then notice again, then are uncomfortably staring at me. Oh well. They eventually leave. My chick and I eat in comfort.

My girl finishes and sits up. My breast was exposed for almost three seconds!! She sits on my lap happily while I finish my [unhealthy] fast food. Then I pop her into the sling and we are off again.

I love shopping trips.

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