Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SMOOTHIE GODDESS: The RoxyLicious Moss Smoothie

I only made one New Year's resolution and that has long been flung out the window...

But I am making a conscious effort to get healthy, and I'm dragging my family along for the ride, kicking and screaming. Actually, so far, it hasn't been much of a fight, but it has been rather expensive. Why the crap are healthy foods more expensive? Less chemicals, whole, unprocessed, yada yada = outrageously expensive. Anyone else feel like they're getting the handful of sand on this one?

Enter, Magic Bullet. No, not "that kind." And NO, I'm not providing you a link for that, either.

I happen to have a wonderful friend who gave me a Magic Bullet for Christmas (and made me hand warmers and hobo mittens and I'm totally gonna buy her a small pony). I have been experimenting with various types of smoothies because the recipes I'm finding for "optimal health" totally call for things like hemp seed and crap and I haven't had any hemp seeds on hand in years. Also, I'm a pansy and stuff has to taste good for me to ingest it more than once. And that once would only happen because I hate wasting food.

So I invested an obscene amount of money into frozen fruits and Greek yogurt, flax seed and wheat germ. Totally worth it so far. I think I've inadvertently put myself on a detox program, but I suppose that's not exactly a bad thing... Anyhoo, the smoothies have been great so far; mostly a little juice or raw milk, yogurt, flax seed, and frozen fruits. I made a peaches and cream smoothie that was outstanding, but I'm not going to go into the recipe here because it's just like it sounds. Peaches.....and cream.

But all these blogs touting the "greatest smoothie ever" have superveggies in them. So I tried adding broccoli. Not bad, as long as you add some mega-flavorful berries and a strong juice like grape in, also. They've also been so thick that I had to eat them with a spoon.

But today I started an experiment for a super-healthy green smoothie that I can easily make every day for a meal.

Success!! You know you want the recipe so you can be green like me. Here goes.

All the recipes I looked at wanted me to add crap like celery (gag), and flax seed oil, and, of course, the notorious hemp seed oil, which I would totally do but I no longer have the hookups I once did. So I worked around it with just ground flax seed. I rather like the taste and it's full of Omega-3s. It tastes better than untoasted wheat germ, that's for sure.

So grab a blender and start grinding away!

The RoxyLicious Moss Smoothie 
(There's not really moss in it, but it's the same color; don't hate me because you're jealous of my wonderful name. You can call it the Roxy Mossy for short. My feelings won't be hurt.)

I'm sure it could all be healthier if this was all organic crap, but I'm reeeeeally cheap.

 2 c. baby spinach
1/4 c. milled flax seed
1 banana
2 c. apple juice
1/2 c. vanilla Greek yogurt
handful of frozen strawberries

I threw all but the strawberries in the Bullet and made short work of it. Btw, regular blenders work just fine. Magic Bullets are just a lot more fun. While it was going, I added the berries one by one and let them get all nice and mixed up. I wanted to add a whole apple but Bear ate all of 'em.

Aaaaaaand, you're done.

Ain't it purty?

I didn't have to add any sweetener at all and this time it was liquid enough to drink through a straw... without a brain freeze. This recipe made two large glasses for me because I wanted to have enough for later. But I'm a piglet and it tasted so damn good I drank it all in ten minutes. So you can either have 3 regular size glasses or 2 big-ass Roxy size glasses. Your choice. It was so filling and so healthy and I'm making another in the morning.

Oh, and stay tuned for the recipe for the Guinness beef brisket with mashed sweet potatoes. That's right.

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