Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My car is safe again, so we are making our own Christmas presents

So. I tried to molest Wes with my feet last night for half an hour. I didn't accomplish much, what with the awkward angle and all, but I think I cut his right nipple with my toenail.

I was actually nursing Roo to sleep on one end of the couch and he just happened to be at my feet. I was in a particularly playful mood... Strange, considering the bill I got from the garage where I left the van to be fixed. Nearly $700. I think I actually swooned. Like Scarlett. I'm confident I'm not being raped on the estimate. I trust the mechanics (gasp) where I take my vehicles. But, good grief!

The costly part was making sure that my van was capable of coming to a stop. And I decided that it would be a good thing if I didn't drive three small children around in a death trap. I know. Hold the applause. And the fewer fiery car crashes, the better.

But this WOULD come six weeks before Christmas. I'm so proud we started buying gifts last month! Buuuut, I think we may be making presents for the fam this year. Luckily, I'm addicted to Pinterest, so I'm full of ideas.

I also discovered the lovely art of homemade soap a few months ago. Of course, Frontier Airlines has possession of the body wash and lotions that I made, but you may have already heard about that!

The soap is super easy, and fun to personalize, especially if you happen to have a surplus of aromatic herbs on hand. Which I do. I bought the base of Shea butter soap at Hobby Lobby. I also bought the molds, but then discovered that if you have a few seashells or any other kind of decorative container, they aren't really necessary.

Food coloring, essential oils, your base, and the molds (moulds?) and you are ready to make cheap and personalized Christmas gifts. The soap is microwaveable. When it is liquified, throw in some colors and scents, pour into the molds, refrigerate til firm, and turn em out. Done. Like, for real, it's that easy. I added glitter face powder into the soap, and dusted the tops to give them that designer look.

Best part? They aren't liquid, so the airport can't confiscate them.

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